Anderson Bros. Norra 1000 Win & 6th Overall Vehicle!

Norra 1000 Win & 6th Overall Vehicle!

May 1st - May 5th 2022 - Ensenada, B.C. Mexico

 The NORRA 1000 took off from Downtown Ensenada, BC Mx. The first special would take us 214.70 miles through the desert to the the Gulf side of San Felipe. RJ would be the first to drive and set the pace for the team. The first special is one of the most important stages for a long rally like this as it can make or break a teams spirit and equipment. 

RJ would deliver and be the first UTV to cross the line in San Felipe giving the team the momentum we needed for this 5 day race.

During day 2 of the Rally we lost a belt in some deep sand, trying to hold our position and run pace with the 2 trophy trucks in front of us. Unfortunately, a piece of the belt got caught behind the primary clutch and tore the crankcase seal, slowly letting oil out onto the primary clutch (this is no bueno). We didn’t have an extra seal and neither did the other competitors racing. We had to make due and get creative and basically join two different seals together to create one, hoping it would hold for the remaining 800+ miles

The sunrise would wake us for the 3rd day of racing as we camped that night in Bay of L.A. The team knew this special could be make or break for us as we put our methodically crafted crankcase seal through the ultimate test.

The Team experienced zero flats with our @bfgoodrichtires, while @knfilters kept out some serious dust, @rigidindustries kept our pits lit at night and @nosenergydrink kept the boys fired up on the long days and nights!

After missing a VCP and the downtime from 5 belt changes we were able to bring home a 1st in class and 10th overall which exceeded our expectations coming in! Thankful to the whole team, our partners, @southpointlv & @cagewrx who made this race possible and the people of Baja who let us enjoy there beautiful land! ❤️

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