Thank you for your purchase of RIGID Product(s). We are proud to design, engineer, and produce the highest quality lighting products for your use. While we utilize the best manufacturing practices, there are occasional cases of product failure. Therefore, this policy outlines product warranties and the process for returning nonconforming and/or defective products to RIGID, subject to the provisions and definitions of the Terms and Conditions for Purchase of RIGID Products.

For questions about the Warranty Policy, please contact us at: (855) 760‐5337, or by email at [email protected]


    1. Limited Lifetime Warranty. RIGID warrants that its Products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, subject to the exclusions, exceptions and any other limitations enumerated in this Warranty Policy.

    2. Exclusions. Product(s) may be excluded from this Warranty Policy, with any pending Claims rejected, in whole or in part, if RIGID determines that there is evidence of any one or more of the following:

      Negligence. Negligence may include improper installation and/or improper use.

      Abuse. Abuse may include wrecklessness, exposure to excessive road hazards and/or damage beyond the limits of normal wear and tear.

      Unauthorized Repair. Unauthorized repair includes any repair, service, or modification not performed by RIGID.

      Seal Tampering. Seal tampering means any removal of the bezel, removal of any bezel screws and/or any other actions with compromise the integrity of the water‐tight seal.

      Damaged Packaging. Damage to Product packaging is not covered by this Warranty Policy.

      Unauthorized Transfer. Unauthorized transfer may include theft, improper possession or any other transfer of title, ownership or possession without adequate proof of purchase or chain of title.

    3. Exceptions. A shortened warranty period extends to the Products, in whole or in part, as indicated:

      10‐Year Warranty. All Products in the Radiance product line, including light bars and pods.

      5‐Year Warranty. All Products used in commercial and/or industrial applications, including, without limitation, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, processes using heavy chemicals, or applications subjected to high vibration.

      3‐Year Warranty. All Truck‐Lite® brand headlights.

      2‐Year Warranty. All accessories (except flashlight accessories), all covers, all mounts, all kits (except that lights included in a kit are not subject to this exception), and all other items offered as part of a closeout or discontinued sale.

      1‐Year Warranty. All powder coat finishes, cosmetic coatings, and exterior lenses, all products in the UWL (Under Water/Wake Flame) product line, all interior dome lights, all products in the Reflect product line (except that the light engine and mirror are not subject to this exception), all products in the Capture product line, Docking Lights part # 40038 and 40038-ABYC, and the GPS module in all Products in the Adapt product line.

      No Warranty. All mirrors incorporated into the Reflect product line. All Products in the Capture product line that have not been registered by the End User after purchase. All Flashlights and Lithium Batteries.

    4. Services. RIGID does not warrant, and claims no liability for any charges incurred by any Purchasing Entity relating to installation, repair or removal of Products.

    5. Transferability. Any warranty provided under this Warranty Policy is non‐transferable.

    6. Modification. This Warranty Policy may be subject to change without notice.


    1. Disclaimer. Subject to this Warranty Policy, RIGID may, in its sole discretion, issue RMA numbers for damaged Product and SRA numbers for new products and/or determine the proper handling of Claims. All Products returned to RIGID under this Warranty Policy must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, or Sales Return Authorization (SRA) number. Products shipped without an RMA/SRA number shall not be considered returned under this Warranty Policy, and no credit or offset shall be issued. RIGID may destroy, refurbish, or otherwise dispose of Product returned without an RMA/SRA number without issuing credit. Any portion of a Claim may be accepted, accepted in part, rejected in part and/or rejected. For any rejection, RIGID shall state the reasons for such rejection, and may provide the Purchasing Entity an opportunity to cure any defect in a Claim within a reasonable time. Any part of a claim that is rejected, in whole or in part, may be subject to additional fees and repair costs.

    2. Before Returning New or Unused Product. Product returns must be under 30 days old from the invoice date and have no signs of being installed or tampered with.

      Before Returning Damaged or Non-functioning Products. Prior to initiating a warranty claim you should complete the following troubleshooting steps for each Product:

      Electrical Troubleshooting. If your RIGID Product is not powering on, flickering or only certain sections of the lamp are working, you likely have a power problem. This may be the result of the lamp not receiving enough power from the battery. RIGID lamps generally need at least nine (9) volts at the lamp connector in order to operate properly. Perform the following steps to ensure your RIGID lamp is getting enough power:

      Step 1: Check all harness/cable plugs, splices and terminal connections. Make sure they are firm and free of corrosion.

      Step 2: Check the ground connection. Ground should be connected to the negative battery terminal or the vehicle frame. If connected to the vehicle frame, the ground connection must be connected to bare metal (no paint or other coating on the contact surface).

      Step 3: Check all fuses and relays. Make sure they are firmly in place and not blown. Check amp ratings to make sure they are sufficient for your RIGID lamp.

      Step 4: Check switch connections. Make sure leads are connected to the correct prongs on the switch.

      Step 5: Check voltages at the lamp connection (end of the harness) with a voltage meter. Make sure you are getting at least nine (9) volts at that point.

      Step 6: If steps 1‐5 check out, test the lamp with a definite twelve (12) volt power source. Disconnect the RIGID lamp from the harness and connect it directly to the 12 volt power source to test operation.

      Step 7: If steps 1‐5 check out and the RIGID lamp does not work properly during step 6, proceed with a Warranty Claim under section 2.3. If the RIGID lamp works properly during step 6, repeat steps 1‐5 until you identify the issue. If you are unable to identify the issue, contact RIGID customer service for support.

      Moisture Troubleshooting. Most RIGID lamps are designed to “breathe”. They have an oleophobic membrane covering one or more small holes somewhere on the body. This feature serves two purposes, first, to eliminate pressure buildup which may occur when the lamp heats up and cools down, and second, to allow any moisture which finds its way into the lamp to vent out when the lamp heats up. RIGID lamps operated in extremely humid environments may experience fogging or water droplets on the inside of the lamp lens. This is normal and will not harm the lamp. Perform the following steps to determine how to address a moisture issue:

      Step 1: Is the lamp still functioning properly, other than the mere presence of moisture inside the lens? If the lamp is not functioning properly, you may proceed with a Warranty Claim under section 2.3. If the lamp is functioning properly, proceed to Step 2.

      Step 2: Can you see water sloshing around inside the lamp, as opposed to the mere presence of fog on the lens? If there is water sloshing around inside the lamp, you may proceed with a Warranty Claim, otherwise proceed to Step 3.

      Step 3: Run the lamp continuously for at least one (1) hour. Examine the lamp for moisture. Did the moisture dry up, or was the moisture substantially reduced? If not, proceed with a Warranty Claim. If there was a substantial reduction in moisture, you should be able to continue to operate your RIGID lamp. If the problem persists, contact RIGID customer service for support.

      Claims may be rejected, in whole or in part, for failure to comply with this section. Where it is clear that Product is not defective under the above framework, RIGID may destroy, refurbish, or otherwise dispose of Product without issuing credit.

    3. Warranty Claims. In general, you should submit a warranty claim through the vendor from which you purchased the Product first. If such a warranty claim is not available, you may begin your Warranty Claim as outlined in this section. Please follow these instructions:

      Initiating a Warranty Claim: Initiate the warranty claim by completing the online form, available at: https://www.rigidindustries.com/warranty‐claims. You will be required to provide (i) your name; (ii) your contact information; (iii) proof of purchase; (iv) date of purchase; and a description of the problem you are experiencing. Proof of purchase shall include any original invoice or receipt naming the Product for which the Warranty Claim is filed, and/or any valid registration of the Product using RIGID’s online registration form, available at: https://www.rigidindustries.com/product‐registration. RIGID personnel will review items from section 2.2 with you prior to issuing an RMA number, and may ask for further information, such as part numbers, serial numbers, photographs of the Product, photographs of the failure mode, and/or other documentation, as appropriate.

      Review of Your Warranty Claim: After review of section 2.2 RIGID may, in its sole discretion, (i) issue an RMA number, (ii) request that you ship the Product to RIGID, and/or (iii) request that you field destroy the Product.

      Returning Product under an Issued RMA Number: Where RIGID has requested that Products be shipped back to RIGID and a valid RMA number has been issued, please ship Products, prepaid, to: 779 N. Colorado Street, Gilbert, Arizona 85233, and include: (i) the RMA number clearly marked on the Product or on the Product documentation; and (ii) the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the shipping container.

      Review of Returned Product: After receipt of the Product(s) and/or review of the Claim, RIGID may, in its sole discretion, repair and replace, take possession of, field destroy and/or issue credit for Products. Where RIGID has authorized the field destruction of a Product, a certificate of destruction must be provided, including photographs showing the Product was made unusable (e.g., showing power wires cut off immediately adjacent the housing, casings crushed, etc.).

    4. Compliance. Compliance with these requirements will expedite acceptance of returned Product(s) and that your claim is processed in a timely manner.