Adapt XE Extreme Enduro LED Moto Kit, Black



The RIGID Adapt XE has a signature look that is unlike any other off-road motorcycle LED light on the market. Feature packed with the most advanced patented technology, this light features a high-strength aluminum heat sink and an impact resistant polycarbonate lens. On the inside the Adapt XE contains cutting-edge technology. The Adapt XE takes off-road lighting performance to a whole new level with two layers of adaptive response to your vehicle and driving conditions. RIGID's Active Power Management system continuously monitors input voltage to determine the status of the vehicle's electrical system, while RIGID's proven Active View Technology uses an internal GPS module to determine the vehicle's speed, allowing the Adapt XE to properly distribute all available power among three unique optic zones. The Adapt XE fits most bikes, and the wiring harness and custom handlebar switch is included. Whether running a factory stator with voltage regulator or have additional power available, the Adapt XE will give you the light you need, when you need it, where you need it. Own The Night with RIGID's Adapt XE motorcycle light.


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  • Mounting Bracket
  • Magnetic Reed Power Clip
  • Yellow Light Cover
  • Black Number Plate
  • Wire Harness And 3-Position Switch
Part No.Wt (Lbs)OpticsWattsAmp Draw*Raw LumensLux @ 10mBeam Distance @1LuxBeam Distance @.25Lux**Peak Beam Ibntensity(cd)Horizontal Beam Angle
3004164.00SCENE, DRIVING, SPOT26-Scene/40-Drive/29-Spot/90-All/37-Clip In1.786/5.6432856-Scene/4488-Drive/3264-Spot/10608-All/4092-Clip In1,149.75339.1678.21349-Scene/32223-Drive/87448-Spot/100754-All/49245-Clip In80.9-Scene/48-Drive/16-Spot/34.7-All/37.1-Clip In
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