SAE Street Legal

SAE Street Legal

Off-road auxiliary lighting is one thing, but everyone knows that it’s important to have lighting that is also safe and legal for on-road use. RIGID’s SAE Compliant Fog Lights and Auxiliary High Beam Driving Lights allow them to be used on-the-road and not just off-road. The color temperature of these LEDs was carefully chosen to be a perfect range of pure daylight to penetrate the night for superior clarity on the road.

SAE LED Lighting

These SAE Compliant lights project long-range high intensity light while drawing very little power and provide up to 50,000 useful hours. The low profile design includes a High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Housing with a custom designed oversized heat sink to keep the LEDs running cooler, brighter and longer. Combine this with the strength of a polycarbonate lens and you get the ultimate solution for your street-legal lighting needs.

SAE Light Pods

RIGID has it's SAE lighting solutions in both the 360-Series and D-Series lines. The lights are available in White, Selective-Yellow, and Dual Selective-Yellow/White color options, and can be purchased in pairs or in a kit for a wide variety of vehicles.

SAE Light Bars

The SAE SR-Series light bars is avalible with both Amber and White  and features a backlit RIGID branding plate. This secondary lighting can be controlled independently or in tandem with the main forward-facing LEDs, offering a custom look to any vehicle. The RIGID SAE Compliant Lights represent the ultimate solution for your street-legal lighting in North America.