Close-up of illuminated LED lightClose-up of illuminated LED light

RIGID Industries Certified Refurbished Products

Assortment of refurbished Rigid LED lightsAssortment of refurbished Rigid LED lights


RIGID Certified Refurbished Products are available for up to 65% Off MSRP.


RIGID Certified Refurbished Products arrive in our U.S. manufacturing location and receive acomprehensive 5-point inspection.

  1. Cosmetic Inspection. The light is visually inspected to ensure there are no defects. Minor coating scratches are acceptable for refurbished lamps, but no exposed metal or structural damage.
  2. Power Draw Test. The light is tested and confirmed to pull the correct current – indicating that the electronic components are working correctly.
  3. Voltage Range Test. The light is powered at upper and lower voltage limits to ensure it functions properly. Most RIGID lamps are rated from 9V to 36V.
  4. Pressure Decay Test. The light is pressurized through the breather port and tested for pressure decay. A new breather is applied post-test.
  5. Integrating Sphere Test. The light is tested in our 1m integrating sphere to confirm correct total luminous flux and light color – indicating that the LED’s are working correctly.

All refurbished lights come with replacement parts (as needed) and have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All RIGID Certified Refurbished Products are packaged in a new brown box and will be sent to you direct from RIGID Industries.

Deconstructed Rigid ADAPT LED LightDeconstructed Rigid ADAPT LED Light

Jeep with Rigid Lights Driving Off-roadJeep with Rigid Lights Driving Off-road


All RIGID Certified Refurbished Products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty on the functionality of the product. Certified Refurbished Products may have various minor imperfections, including small scratches and/or dents, but still hold up to RIGID's rugged demands and durability requirements. All sales of RIGID Certified Refurbished Products are final unless the product is defective due to functionality.

Close-up of LED light exteriorClose-up of LED light exterior