Close-up of illuminated LED lightClose-up of illuminated LED light

RIGID Industries Certified Refurbished Products

All RIGID Certified Refurbished Producs are fully operational and have passed a vigorous 5-point Rigid Quality inspection.


RIGID Certified Refurbished Productss arrive in our U.S. manufacturing location and receive a comprhensive 5-point inspection. All refurbished lights come with replacement parts (as needed) and have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All RIGID Certified Refurbished Products are packaged in a brand new brown box and will be sent to you direct from RIGID Industries.

Deconstructed Rigid ADAPT LED LightDeconstructed Rigid ADAPT LED Light

Assortment of refurbished Rigid LED lightsAssortment of refurbished Rigid LED lights


RIGID Certified Refurbished Products may have various minor imperfections, including small scratches and/or dents, but still hold up to RIGID's rugged demands and durability requirements. All RIGID Certified Refurbished Products come with a full 90-day warranty.

Close-up of LED light exteriorClose-up of LED light exterior