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The new RIGID Radiance Plus light bar is the perfect solution for those who want RIGID’s legendary quality at a level everyone can attain. Featuring RIGID’s improved LED technology, the Radiance Plus light bars deliver up to 35% more raw lumens than before. The RIGID Radiance Plus bars are built with the same high-grade aluminum alloy housing as our legendary E-Series bars, but that’s where the visual similarities end. Inside, the Radiance Plus bars are feature-packed, with a black exposed circuit board, optimized forward projecting Broad Spot optics that combine the attributes of a spot and flood beam pattern. Further, the Radiance Plus bars have built-in back-lighting available in white, amber, red, blue and green. Large back-lit and recently updated RIGID branding plates further add to the unique look of the Radiance light bar. Even better, the Radiance Plus light bars now include a wiring harness and multi-trigger switch for a quick and painless installation. The RIGID Radiance Plus light bar is for the customer who wants a truly custom look that only RIGID can provide.
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  • Mounting Hardware
  • Black Powder Coated, L-Shape Brackets
  • Open Leads, No Connector
  • 2ft Wire Extension (20” – 50”)
  • Complete Multi-Switch Wiring Harness PN 40200
  • SizePart No.Wt (Lbs)WattsAmp DrawVoltage Max*Raw LumensLux @ 10mBeam Distance @1LuxBeam Distance @.25LuxHorizontal Beam AngleCompatible Light Series
    10"2100035.00705.00154752835.00289.00578.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    10"2100135.00705.00154752835.00289.00578.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    10"2100235.00705.00154752835.00289.00578.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    10"2100335.00705.00154752835.00289.00578.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    10"2100435.00705.00154752835.00289.00578.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    20"2200037.00926.571571281295.00359.00719.0016.00RADIANCE PRO
    20"2200137.00926.571571281295.00359.00719.0016.00RADIANCE PRO
    20"2200237.00926.571571281295.00359.00719.0016.00RADIANCE PRO
    20"2200337.00926.571571281295.00359.00719.0016.00RADIANCE PRO
    20"2200437.00926.571571281295.00359.00719.0016.00RADIANCE PRO
    30"23000310.0015511.0715118801991.00446.00892.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    30"23001310.0015511.0715118801991.00446.00892.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    30"23002310.0015511.0715118801991.00446.00892.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    30"23003310.0015511.0715118801991.00446.00892.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    30"23004310.0015511.0715118801991.00446.00892.0018.00RADIANCE PRO
    40"24000313.0020414.5715166322595.00509.001019.0018.50RADIANCE PRO
    40"24001313.0020414.5715166322595.00509.001019.0018.50RADIANCE PRO
    40"24002313.0020414.5715166322595.00509.001019.0018.50RADIANCE PRO
    40"24003313.0020414.5715166322595.00509.001019.0018.50RADIANCE PRO
    40"24004313.0020414.5715166322595.00509.001019.0018.50RADIANCE PRO
    50"25000316.0024317.3615213843015.00349.001098.0019.70RADIANCE PRO
    50"25001316.0024317.3615213843015.00349.001098.0019.70RADIANCE PRO
    50"25002316.0024317.3615213843015.00349.001098.0019.70RADIANCE PRO
    50"25003316.0024317.3615213843015.00349.001098.0019.70RADIANCE PRO
    50"25004316.0024317.3615213843015.00349.001098.0019.70RADIANCE PRO
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