Can I mount my light vertically with Rigid supplied mounting brackets?
Rigid mounting brackets were designed and tested assuming the light is installed in the horizontal direction. Installing lights in the vertical direction...
What's this little black sticker on the back of my light? Can I take it off or spray paint over it?
No! This is a GORE® pressure equalizing vent and is critical in keeping moisture out of your light. Please do not remove it or paint over it.
Can I run my Rigid light with a 14-volt A/C signal?
No. The Rigid lights were designed for DC voltage. Lights operated at 14-volt A/C may not be damaged but could flicker or appear dim.
My light isn't working. Should I disassemble it and troubleshoot it?
No! Rigid lights are precision assembled in such a way to ensure no moisture can get into the light. Disassembly can destroy this seal and will void the...
How does the lifetime warranty work?
Your light has a lifetime warranty for internal manufactures failures only. For the Radiance light line, your light comes with a 10 year internal warranty...
Do I need my receipt for my warranty?
Yes, a receipt is required for all warranties and registrations. Claims will be denied if a proof of purchase or registration cannot be provided at the...
How do I start a warranty claim?
How to start your warranty claim on the Rigid web site, for service and repair: rigidindustries.com/warranty-claims/
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