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Warranty Warranty

How to start your warranty claim on the Rigid web site, for service and repair:

Thank you for your email request, the link to the warranty page is below, please have the customer click on the red link at the top of the warranty page that states (Warranty Registration Form), to start the warranty claim., they will be emailed back within 48hrs with the return information.

Please email us back if you have any further questions or concerns.

on Jul 9, 2018

You will only need a receipt if you are requesting the 2yr powder coat or accessories to be warrantied.

Or the reflect 1yr warranty.

on Jul 9, 2018

Your light has a lifetime warranty for internal  manufactures failures only.

For the Radiance  light line it , your light comes with a 10yr internal  warranty.

Customer damages are not covered under warranty, such as collisions rocks or debris strikes.

Warranty time frames:

Warranty Exceptions

10 year limited warranty – All Radiance Product Line (Light Bars & Pods)
3 year limited warranty – All Truck-Lite Headlights
2 year limited warranty – All products with powder coat/finish wear (RIGID uses the highest quality materials available. Depending on environment, powder coat can fade). Additional 2 year limited warranty products include accessories, covers, mounting options, kits (excluding light, see limited lifetime warranty), and all other items that RIGID offers as part of a closeout or discontinued sale.
1 year limited warranty – UWL (Under Water/Wake Flame) Series of lights, Interior Dome Lights, flashlights, flashlight accessories, Reflect housing, Reflect body, Reflect Clamp and ADAPT GPS Module.
No warranty offered – Reflect Mirror

RIGID, at its sole discretion, will determine the proper handling of all warranty claims. All warranties, expressed or implied, are void if our warranty claim department determines that there is sufficient evidence of one or more of the following:

1 Negligence: Improper installation, improper use, etc.
2 Abuse: Road hazards, Damage beyond the limits of "normal wear and tear."
3 Unauthorized Repair: Repair service performed by an unauthorized service center.
4 Seal Tampering: Removal of bezel or bezel screws will compromise the integrity of the water-tight seal.

on Jul 9, 2018

No! Rigid lights are precision assembled in such a way to ensure no moisture can get into the light. Disassembly can destroy this seal and will void the warranty.

on Mar 4, 2018

No. The Rigid lights were designed for DC voltage. Lights operated at 14 volt A/C may not be damaged, but could flicker or appear dim.

on Mar 4, 2018

No! This is a GORE® pressure equalizing vent and is critical in keeping moisture out of your light. Please do not remove it or paint over it.

on Mar 4, 2018

Rigid mounting brackets were designed and tested assuming the light is installed in the horizontal direction. Installing lights in the vertical direction could cause premature failure of the bracket.

on Mar 4, 2018