Jake Versey at Ultra 4 Racing Black Hills Throw Down


Jake Versey holding Ultra 4 Racing Black Hills Throw Down trophy

Ultra 4 Racing Black Hills Throw Down - Sturgis, South Dakota at The Buffalo Chip motorsports complex 

This race in Sturgis is among my favorites! The race track is a riot, the atmosphere is really fun and the festivities of Bike Week are awesome! Not to mention the beautiful sights like Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Needles Highway this trip is really a treat.

I qualified 10th out of 30 cars, to move into my heat race on Saturday morning where I was able to work my way up to 3rd place in a short 5 laps to have a major mechanical failure resulting in losing the entire driver rear corner of the car! My 5 of 6 laps landed me in 20th position to start the main race 3 hours later!

I 3 wheeled my race car back to my pit where my team quickly started repairing the damages, with only 20 min to spare the car was back to 100%, in fighting shape!

In short course making a pass a lap is pretty realistic so any chance of a win is a long shot starting 20th!

The main race started and we all blasted into turn 1 where I knew there was going to be problems so I drove high and outside  to avoid the carnage while following the car ahead of me in blinding dust and as I expected a car went sideways into turn 1 and was hit by multiple cars causing a large pile up. I exited the corner clean and the race was on!

With not much to lose I left it all on the track and made 15 clean passes in 9 laps to land me first place in class and 5th overall which I am very proud of given the circumstances!

I am so freakin pumped on all of my Rigid lights on all of my toys now!

It is so much fun and one of my favorite things to show people on my builds!

I can't wait for Crandon to be racing with my Rigid Lights and you guys!

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